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Avatar Imaging

Dynamic Promotional Video

Take a quick look at our welcoming premisis. We have short snips of the star of the show our Vectra WB360. You’ll see how quickly it can take your 92 images in 3seconds. See how our D200evo dermatoscope takes high quality magnified images. And to wrap it all up you can see the powerful seamless integration using the advanced DermaGraphix program. We invite you to come and experience it personally here at Avatar Imaging.


Walk through Avatar Imaging.

Meet Ariel as she takes you through what to expect when you visit us. She will show you where we will meet you at our reception. You can relax in our own little waiting room until we show you through to the changing room to prepare for you 3D photoshoot. You’ll also see our dermoscopy room. In a short time you’ll be able to take a copy of your 3D avatar so you can use it to do self check. A doctors report will be emailed to you as soon as possible so you can share it with your doctors.

Learn how the advanced technology can help you.

Learn about how safe it is getting a 3D Skin Cancer Scan and the benefits of an advance technology that can measure and analyse every visible mole you have on your skin. With Dermagraphis you have the added benefit of Smart Automation, Markerless Tracking, and Guided Follow-up making sure that no change goes unnoticed.


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