3D Full Body Skin Cancer Scan

The most in-depth skin record you’ll ever have!

3D Skin Cancer Scan

  • High-resolution 3D Avatar
  • Records every visible spot on skin
  • Track changes over time
  • Early identification of potential skin cancer

Full Body DermoScan

  • Closer analysis of spot patterns
  • Magnified imaging
  • Detailed report of suspicious spots
  • Recommendations for treatment

3D Full Body Skin Cancer Check

Our most comprehensive service

Combining the 3D Skin Cancer Scan with the Full Body DermoScan

This combination skin cancer service uses our 3D Skin Cancer Scan to create a 3D avatar of your body, which our skin check professionals will use to examine your entire body from different angles. This digital image of yourself also allows us to zoom in on any suspicious moles. 

One of the key benefits of our skin cancer scanner device is that we can help track any skin changes and assist in the early identification of skin cancer. For the second part of this service, we’ll use our DermoScan device, a dermatoscope with a high-quality magnifying lens and powerful lighting source, for a more in-depth inspection of your body.

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The DermoScan lets us capture images of any suspicious moles or spots, which we can then analyse to determine a diagnosis.

Both of these devices work together seamlessly, as the DermoScan enables the precise storage and categorisation of any spots or moles on your 3D avatar. The use of the Skin Scan and DermoScan together lets our specialists compare past and current images to track any changes over time and easily identify any new or developing moles.

With both scans, we provide the most advanced and reliable solutions to detect and track skin cancers. At Avatar Imaging, we value your health and understand the urgency of skin care. Take control of your skin health journey now and schedule your scans. Learn more about skin cancer.